ThuMay. 14th

How I got UNstuck today…

I’m in the process of overhauling our online content, our website and how we communicate with you. I am super excited about it. We are creating video and streamlining content and business tools. You are […]

ThuMay. 7th

Small Business Week Tip: Delight in the Delay

Greetings, Dear Business Owner!

One of the great things about business is the travel. You get to see the world when you visit your clients. So, no more whining. Jet travel, even with the occasional delay, […]

TueMay. 5th

Become a No Drama Leader


Got drama?  Have you had it with complaining and blaming?  Maybe even backstabbing?  Every team goes through good times and bad times.  However, there are thing you can do – and NOT do! – that […]

WedApr. 1st

We love you, Frank Blau!

My favorite place?  Seminarland!  I just returned from the Pumper & Cleaner Profit Series with Jeff Bruss in Orlando, Florida.  What a lovely group of contractors.  We laughed, we cried…and expanded business and personal success.  (Thanks, Jeff! […]

FriMar. 20th

You Are Never Too Old to Start a Business

Every now and then I feel the constraints of time.  On good days, it spurs me to get going.  On rough days, it makes me wonder, “Do I have enough time?  Am I too old […]