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Do You Need a Lifeline?

I love April, John and the Watermark Plumbing Team!  I especially love April’s and John’s four daughters.  They are smart and hilarious and their parents totally appreciate them.  (Become April’s FB friend and you’ll see what I mean.)  I appreciate what it takes to manage 4 young girls, and a team of fun-loving plumbers!  Too much to do, too little time…and an avalanche of paperwork.

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5 Ways to Sleep Better as a Business Owner!

Then, the sun would rise. You know, everything is better, clearer, easier in the light of day. And, everything is scarier in the dark. Lesson learned: Go back to sleep.

Leave it?…or Makeover Your Business

My friend and mentor, Al Levi, uses a powerful exercise to engage clients in business development.  He asks, “Imagine this.  You walk out the front door of your business, and cross the street.  You decide you are going to recreate, makeover, your business.  What, and who, do you bring with you?”

Or do you decide to do something completely new?  You get to choose and the beginning of a year is the right time to reflect and decide.

Leave it?   […]

Time to Update Your Business Plan?

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“So, you two aren’t on the same page,” I offered, in an effort to soothe the raving woman on the other end of the phone line.

“The same page?” she shouted, “We aren’t even in the same book!  Last year, we agreed to expand the business.  Now that it is time to make a move, my husband is acting like he’s hearing about this for the first time! He actually said, ‘No need to rush into anything.  More trucks, more bills and more employees?  Sounds like more headaches.’  Can you believe it?  I’m ready to leave him, and this business.”

“How about a retreat instead?” I responded.  “Take a day or two to update your business plan.  Work together.  Write it up!  Then, refreshed and reunited, you can move forward.”

She settled down a bit.  That sounded better than getting divorced and looking for a new job.

How about you? […]

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