Duck Dynasty v. Kardashians – TV’s Family Businesses Square Off

Family businesses are the back-bone of small businesses in the United States.   They comprise 80 to 90 percent of all businesses, and they face many heartbreaking issues, like divorce, succession planning, turf battles, and “why can’t you be more like your brother?” arguments. Chances are you are involved in a family business…or work for one.

So, when you head for the couch after a long day of family business drama, click on the TV.  There you’ll find two families feuding for top ratings, led by Willie Roberston, the Duck Commander and Momager Kris Jenner, head of the Kardashian Klan.  What can they teach us about what to do – and not do! – if you want to work together and still get invited to Sunday dinner?  While not overly proud of my […]

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3 Business Lessons Served on CNBC’s Crowd Rules

I love watching TV!  I steer clear of bad TV.  However, there is solid programming out there.  And there is great free advice if you are building a business.  I love Restaurant Impossible and Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.  (BTW, I am at the ready to host an Extreme Makeover – Service Business Edition show!)

I love it when the TV biz expert shares simple ways to fix a failing business. Why do the owners fight it so much?  Why would they rather be right…than rich?  Business is just a vehicle, for driving us in the direction of our dreams.  Terrific reality TV shows help us see the denial, and perhaps recognize it in ourselves.  So, tune in, grab the popcorn and learn how to make more money.

My latest, favorite show is Crowd Rules on CNBC.  Here are a few “Lessons Learned” from catching up on the latest episode with Rockstar Business Expert Larry Winget… […]

7 Sports Philosophies Every Business Should Implement

I love sports.  I especially love the big games – the playoffs and the championship events.  How ‘bout them Redbirds!  The Yankees pulled it off after a season of dead heat with the Orioles.  More good games to come!  And, I love the “more to the story” details the sportscasters share.  I love hearing that something I just saw has never been done, or not since 1943.

I love to play games and I so appreciate when someone is on top of theirs.  If you have ever skied, you understand how amazing Lindsey Vonn is.  If you have ever played tennis, your job drops when Roger Federer hits a backhand shot.  It’s that swing, that turn, that arc, that moment of perfection…and time stands still.  Goosebumps.  Joy!  Every now and then you watch one, and it’s enough to keep you interested until the next one. […]

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Finding Fulfillment in the Ho Hum of Everyday Life

Special guest, Milan Vasic, Executive Producer of Evergreen Oasis Entertainment and I discuss finding fulfillment in the ho hum of everyday life.

Once upon a time, Milan worked for me as a waiter when I was a restaurant manager. He was 21. I was 26. Kids! Since then, we have both been on amazing life and […]

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Pin It to Win It

Have you been to Pinterest? If so, odds are you spent a lot of time there, compulsively looking at just-one-more page of beautiful images. If not, ask a few people in your life about Pinterest. You’ll get some animated responses, particularly from women, as they talk about their boards and pins and exactly how they are going to re-do the bathroom, travel through Italy or layout the garden.

What is Pinterest? It’s a virtual cork board, upon which you can “pin” images and words. If you like something someone else has pinned, you can re-pin it on your board. You make friends by following other “Pinners” and they can respond to our re-pin your images, and, well, you start to get the idea. […]

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What Do Romney and Obama Have in Common?

“Dare to risk public criticism.” ~ Mary Kay Ash
If you want to change the government, become a community organizer.  Run for office.  Solicit money and votes.  I have to hand it to anyone who will file the form, attend the meeting and throw his or her hat in the political ring.  Whatever you think about our government, if you want to change it, you have to get involved in it.  Maybe there is no coming out unscathed.  Criticizing government and politicians is part of the process.  If you are in it, you have to take it.  I applaud anyone who feels strongly enough about their beliefs to take action.  I am just enough of a Pollyanna to believe that inside most of our politicians lies the seed of service. […]

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Let The Games Begin…

The Hunger Game’s ravenous fans are flocking to theaters this week.  The story has been told before (1984, Fahrenheit 451, The Running Man, The Giver among many others) and the appeal is timeless.  The question – is mindless entertainment a substitute for human connection? – is worth asking.

The Games are distracting.  That’s the point.  The Games simplify overwhelmingly complex issues and reduce them to “Him v. Her ” and sizzle-y sound bites… “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

Consider Reality TV, and our obsession with The Games.  I love feel-good programs that show case talent and improving skills.  I love discovering back stories of courage and turnaround.  Agreed, not all Reality TV is inspirational.  (I’m talking to you, Jersey Shore and Mob Wives!)  And, unfortunately, the format is slipping into other aspects of our lives.

More Reality TV:  The presidential election season is now open. The contestants are being selected.  The tag lines are sounding.  The teams are forming, for one candidate or another. […]

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Empty Thy Purse Into Thy Head

You know I’m a big reader.  I love books of all shapes, lengths and genres.  However, I am too old to tolerate a bad book.  I’ve no time for it.  So, let me save you some time.  Here are a few sure-fire business book recommendations guaranteed to make you wiser, richer and better looking.   Well, maybe not better looking.   But wise and rich are pretty attractive.

As Benjamin Franklin says, “Empty thy purse into thy head.”  Invest in you with these…


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I’m Looking For a Struggling Family Business…

This may be an opportunity for you.  This is a casting call for family-owned business owners who are in need of a turnaround.  Here’s the scoop…

Family members in the business must be 18 years old or older.
Your business needs a storefront…not an in-home office.
No bars or restaurants.  Interested in service businesses, home service businesses, bakeries, photography, recycling centers, candy stores, auto shops, retail stores, etc.

If you want to apply, move FAST.  Contact Beatriz TODAY.  Note that a reality TV show might not be something you’d be interested.  Then again, this may be your big chance to show off what you are capable of creating with help to make it happen.  So, go go go!   Check out the press release and contact info below.  And tell her Ellen Rohr sent you! […]

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Have you told them lately?

I adore a man who can work with his hands. I admire a woman who knows how to handle a channelocks. I appreciate a well laid-out mechanical room. I’m a huge fan of trades people.

Trades people are more in touch with the truth than other people. They are a no-nonsense group. They know that the electrical current is there, or it’s not. The burner fires up, or it doesn’t. It’s plumb, or it’s out of plumb. Trades people have remarkable “baloney” detectors. They identify quality by performance. They know that actions, not words, are the true measure of a person. Trades people understand the material universe and the way things work. That understanding is becoming increasingly rare. […]