4 Olympic Lessons for Business Owners

Did you watch the XXII Olympic Games? Inspiring! Perhaps you’ve been moved to improve your physical fitness. Substitute fruit for potato chips. Go for a run. Do some yoga. Train for a springtime race and dream BIG! You may be inspired to dream BIG about your business, too. Here are 4 Olympic Lessons for you, dear Biz Owner!

#1. Relax. Sage Kotsenburg took it nice and easy and won the Gold Medal in the Snowboard Slopestyle event. While others pushed and pulled, he sailed to first place with a big grin. Yes, you have to train and learn and make mistakes. When it comes time to DO it…just DO it. And enjoy it. Be unattached to the outcome. While achieving the goal is important, consider this: You set a goal because you think you will be happier if you achieve it. What if you pursue happiness first? Live in gratitude. Be of service. Have fun and laugh at all of life’s absurdities. In this state of happiness, you make better decisions and reaching the goal becomes inevitable. We so often have this backwards. That if we stress and strain and somehow reach the goal, THEN we will be happy. It doesn’t work that way. […]

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Business Makeover Tip #5: Empty (Some Of!) Your Purse Into Your Head

“If a man empties his purse into his head no man can take it away from him because an investment in knowledge always pays the best dividend.”  ~ Benjamin Franklin

Become a student of business and personal development.  Reach out and find community with people who have accomplished things that align with what you want.  Consider contrary opinions and be willing to question those considered authorities.  Seek divine counsel from within and without.  Then, decide and take action.  Be willing to pay for advice.  However… […]

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JCI Wonderful Copenhagen!

Last week, I was asked to speak about success to a group of mostly 20-30 year olds.  They belong to JCI Wonderful Copenhagen, a chapter of the worldwide JCI organization.  I’d never been to Denmark, and I love young people (not as crabby and cynical as old farts.) And I was inspired by the mission of the group and their slogan…Be Better.

So, I said, “Ja!”

Fortunately, the Danes I met speak English very well.  So, as a lazy American, I was rewarded yet again for speaking only one, albeit a common, language.  Also fortunately, I didn’t study up on characteristics of Danish people.  Because according to a few of the delightful people I met, Danes have a reputation of being a bit reticent and not very outgoing.  Tværtimod, everyone I met was friendly and kind and welcoming! […]

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The Spark to Start

I am blogging on behalf of Visa Business and received compensation for my time from Visa for sharing my views in this post, but the views expressed here are solely mine, not Visa’s. Visit http://facebook.com/visasmallbiz to take a look at the reinvented Facebook Page: Well Sourced by Visa Business. The Page serves as a space where small business owners can access educational resources, read success stories from other business owners, engage with peers, and find tips to help businesses run more efficiently. Every month, the Page will introduce a new theme that will focus on a topic important to a small business owner’s success. For additional tips and advice, and information about Visa’s small business solutions, follow @VisaSmallBiz and visit http://visa.com/business.
Michael Gerber – author of The E-Myth – calls it the “Entrepreneurial Seizure.”  It’s that moment when it dawns on you that a business of your own is a great idea. You think about the freedom – financial and lifestyle – that you could enjoy. You start counting the money. You visualize “ringing the bell” at the New York Stock Exchange.

That’s not what happened to me. My husband, Hot Rod the Plumber, had a partner. Sadly, at the age of 33, his partner died. He died from a stress-induced health crisis, after working a 100-hour workweek. Sigh. It took a few months to recover from the loss as this fellow had been his best friend as well as partner. I offered to step in and help my husband. With all my education and experience, I figured it would be a snap to run the family plumbing business. […]

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Business Makeover Tips – The Ride Along

As a small business expert, I have learned a few things.  Here are my latest, greatest insights…

There is information and implementation.  You probably have PLENTY of information already.
You are short on time and energy.  Ergo, you get behind on implementation.
Your front line team members can get things done for you.  They will fix your business.  If you ask them.  If you let them.  If you acknowledge and reward them for it.  If you help them be successful.
The opportunities to ask, allow, coach, celebrate and get things done are in the field, in the truck, and on the shop floor.  You’ve got to Ride Along (or work Side by Side) with your team members to move from idle information to profitable implementation. […]

Why Kooky Family Businesses Matter

Recently, I chatted with Monaica Ledell of MommyBreadwinner.com about what it takes to be successful in business.  We agreed that a winning business of your own can expand peace, prosperity and freedom.  It can also help make the house payment and pay for dance lessons.  Here’s the interview.  Lots of tips and a few rarely shared stories from my colorful business past!  

A family business can help you make ends meet, and it can help you build a dynasty.  Spanx is a family business, started by a busy mom.  Mary Kay Cosmetics is a family business, created by Mary Kay Ashe and her sons.  The best companies I know […]

What I Learned In My Garden About My Business

What a year for gardening!  Just when it threatens to get too hot, a thunderstorm shows up and showers the sun-soaked flowers and vegetables.  My garden loves it!  But elsewhere in town, the heavy rains have submerged tomatoes and petunias…a soggy end to this year’s crop.
That’s the thing about gardening.  It can be rewarding and spiritually uplifting.  It can inspire you with its beauty and bounty.  Or, it can disappoint you beyond words.  It can humble you, until you feel as low as the soil.
Most years, I put in a garden.  Each year, I have been humbled.  However, this year, I am
off […]

The 5 Most Important Minutes of Your Day

I used to answer the clanging alarm clock by shouting, “NOOOOOO!” as I reached out to SHUT IT OFF.   While that may sound harmless, even humorous, I realized that it probably was not the best way to greet the day.

According to my friend, Robin Palmer, I’m absolutely right!  Robin says, “If you crawl out of bed stressed out and overwhelmed, you set yourself in motion to create a stress-filled, overwhelming day for yourself and those around you.”

Robin is one of the most positive people I know.  Her energy is off the charts.  (Next to her, I feel like I spend the day eating bon bons on the couch, so that will give you an indication.)  She and I connected at a women’s business event and fell instantly in love.  I’ve helped her with some business planning, and she helps me get out of the “right side” of the bed.  A great business is built on a powerful mission, a burning “why.”  Hers was born as a response to a challenge in her own life…


3 Business Lessons Served on CNBC’s Crowd Rules

I love watching TV!  I steer clear of bad TV.  However, there is solid programming out there.  And there is great free advice if you are building a business.  I love Restaurant Impossible and Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.  (BTW, I am at the ready to host an Extreme Makeover – Service Business Edition show!)

I love it when the TV biz expert shares simple ways to fix a failing business. Why do the owners fight it so much?  Why would they rather be right…than rich?  Business is just a vehicle, for driving us in the direction of our dreams.  Terrific reality TV shows help us see the denial, and perhaps recognize it in ourselves.  So, tune in, grab the popcorn and learn how to make more money.

My latest, favorite show is Crowd Rules on CNBC.  Here are a few “Lessons Learned” from catching up on the latest episode with Rockstar Business Expert Larry Winget… […]

The Best Way To Grow Your Company? Acquisition!

Once upon a time, I thought acquisition was a strategy reserved for big companies.  I thought you needed teams of lawyers to work through phone book size agreements and complicated EBITDA formulas.  I imagined strong armed tactics and hostile takeovers.

Boy, was I wrong.  

Acquisition is the best way to grow your company.   You can’t beat it for lots of calls at a ridiculously low cost-per-call.  Acquisition opens the door to great people who may want to come work for you answering those calls.  Best of all, a good acquisition is a win win.  You just may help a brother or a sister out, as they transition to the next, best time of their life…as you build your company. […]