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Phenomenal Financial Blast!

Anthony and Rose joined me and Shauna (aka Sha-nomenal!) and the Phenomenal Team at Howard Partridge’s Inner Circle program in Houston.   There, we hosted the FUNomenal Financial Blast.  Owners from 21 companies cleaned up their financials, crunched budgeting numbers, … Continue reading

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How Much Should I Charge?

What price would you put on the gift of life?  Priceless?  Beyond measure?  No way to put that value in dollars? But we attach a price tag to ourselves every day.  How much do you charge for an hour of … Continue reading

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How to Clean Up Your Payroll

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last 20 years helping people clean up financial messes.  The messy mess (the smelly smell for Sponge Bob fans) is payroll. Payroll entries are complicated.  There is the expense to you and the … Continue reading

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7 Tips to Dig Out of Debt

Debt as a national challenge is connected to rampant, unchecked individual debt. I’m not lecturing, I’m just saying. Many households overspend. Many companies run at a loss, year after year. Debt is how you keep the balls in the air. … Continue reading

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Even the Best Tools are Useless in Unskilled Hands

I started running when I was 13 years old and I’ve been running ever since.  Not continuously, mind you.  But every day or two I head out for a run.  The key to longevity as an athlete is staying healthy.  … Continue reading

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How Do I Win the Mega Millions?

Dear Ellen, Winning the lottery would be the answer to my money problems.  Got any tips?  Thanks, Feel N. Lucky Dear Ms. Lucky, Wow!  It’s mind boggling to consider.   The last Mega Millions jackpot was the largest in history.  Three … Continue reading

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Four Myths That Can Sink Your Business…

Business is easy: Be of service. Charge more than it costs. Take the money now. We really make it harder than it is. Perhaps it’s not the mechanics of business that get in our way. Maybe it’s the emotional baggage … Continue reading

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The Sweet Spot Job

My husband Hot Rod and I were in business together a long time ago. Like many other contractors, we were seduced by the “BIG Job.” A “BIG Job” is one that… Has lots of dollars in the bid. Has lots … Continue reading

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Down with DEBT

I love helping people! One of the biggest challenges I encounter is the suffocating burden of debt. Money buys options. Debt eliminates options. Do you struggle under the mounting pressure of debt…personally and/or in your business? You are not alone. … Continue reading

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