A Whole New Way of Thinking?

The problem with thinking is that you are not doing anything.  In our world, doing is deemed better than thinking.  I think…we do too much thoughtlessly.  I think we should think more.  Then, we can do less and gain more.

I decided to start 2014 with new and challenging conversations.  I invited the brightest folks I know to share their advice to help us make quantum leap changes in our businesses.  Business Makeover 2014 was born.  I knew I would benefit from these conversations.  I hope that you are, too!  I expected a biz tip or two.  What I DIDN’T expect was […]

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Duck Dynasty v. Kardashians – TV’s Family Businesses Square Off

Family businesses are the back-bone of small businesses in the United States.   They comprise 80 to 90 percent of all businesses, and they face many heartbreaking issues, like divorce, succession planning, turf battles, and “why can’t you be more like your brother?” arguments. Chances are you are involved in a family business…or work for one.

So, when you head for the couch after a long day of family business drama, click on the TV.  There you’ll find two families feuding for top ratings, led by Willie Roberston, the Duck Commander and Momager Kris Jenner, head of the Kardashian Klan.  What can they teach us about what to do – and not do! – if you want to work together and still get invited to Sunday dinner?  While not overly proud of my […]

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Why Kooky Family Businesses Matter

Recently, I chatted with Monaica Ledell of MommyBreadwinner.com about what it takes to be successful in business.  We agreed that a winning business of your own can expand peace, prosperity and freedom.  It can also help make the house payment and pay for dance lessons.  Here’s the interview.  Lots of tips and a few rarely shared stories from my colorful business past!  

A family business can help you make ends meet, and it can help you build a dynasty.  Spanx is a family business, started by a busy mom.  Mary Kay Cosmetics is a family business, created by Mary Kay Ashe and her sons.  The best companies I know […]

The 5 Most Important Minutes of Your Day

I used to answer the clanging alarm clock by shouting, “NOOOOOO!” as I reached out to SHUT IT OFF.   While that may sound harmless, even humorous, I realized that it probably was not the best way to greet the day.

According to my friend, Robin Palmer, I’m absolutely right!  Robin says, “If you crawl out of bed stressed out and overwhelmed, you set yourself in motion to create a stress-filled, overwhelming day for yourself and those around you.”

Robin is one of the most positive people I know.  Her energy is off the charts.  (Next to her, I feel like I spend the day eating bon bons on the couch, so that will give you an indication.)  She and I connected at a women’s business event and fell instantly in love.  I’ve helped her with some business planning, and she helps me get out of the “right side” of the bed.  A great business is built on a powerful mission, a burning “why.”  Hers was born as a response to a challenge in her own life…


How to Get Certified as a Diversity Business Owner

I’m proud to be a woman business owner.  I have heard the inspiring and discouraging statistics.  While most businesses are currently being started by woman, only 3% of all woman owned businesses reach the $1 million mark in sales.  It’s a big reason why I am also involved with the Make Mine a $Million (M3) group.  (Shout out!)  It’s a good idea to reach out and support each other as we take our rightful place at the table.  It was at one of the M3 events that I first learned about becoming certified as a woman owned business.  Sounded like a good idea.  And a lot of paperwork.  I shelved the idea. 

Then, I met Heather Cox.  Heather started in the corporate world, and decided she wanted a more balanced life…family, kids, career.  As so often happens, that’s what prompted her to start her own business.  At a networking event, she met her co-founder.  They had listened to women business owners’ frustrations about getting certified.  60% of all applications get denied.  Sometimes because the applicants aren’t really qualified (a man can’t prop his wife or mom up as the owner and get certified business benefits) but most times it is because the paperwork is incomplete.  Heather and her business partner decided to solve the problem.  Certify My Company was born. […]

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Everyday Success Tips: Small Effort = BIG Impact

Dayna Steele and I chat it up about rock star business principles and her new book, 101 Ways to Rock Your World: Everyday Activities for Success Every Day. You can make small changes and reap BIG results.  Dayna has interviewed and hung out with everyone on your “FAVS”  iTunes list.  She’s learned a lot about […]

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The Secret Power of Gratitude for Business Today

How a simple “thank you” can increase your revenue
Economic times being what they are, business people are leaving no stone unturned in search of revenue generating ideas. While the days of lavish parties and expensive junkets may be over, there is one very simple, inexpensive way to increase revenue. It’s a tactic that’s been around since the beginning of time, but only the smartest of businesses have used it to its full advantage.

Would you believe me if I said it’s the power of a simple “thank you”? Not kidding! Gratitude is THE key to success. Whether you’re showing appreciation to the clients you already have in the roster or pursuing new projects, the simple act of saying “hey, we’re happy to work with you and are grateful for your business,” has always been extremely powerful. […]

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Do Business Owners Know What Their Customers Want?

Research Shows 90% Do Not…
What customers value most changes constantly, and the pace of change has increased exponentially with the economic recession. The businesses who become relevant by addressing what customers really value at any given time will be the first ones out of the recession.  That’s is what is discussed in my latest book, Relevant Selling, now available here.

One year ago, people were looking for financial stability in companies they were purchasing from because of all of the business closings. Now, on-time delivery outranks that because so many businesses cut back their inventory during the worst of the recession. With demand increasing, customers have more difficulty getting what they want on time. […]

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Ditch the Pitch

You’re at a networking event. One by one everyone stands up and gives their elevator pitch. They’re going around the room, table by table. Pretty soon it’s your turn. Your heart starts beating fast. You break out in a sweat. You have one shot to let everyone in the room hear your pitch. What are you going to say? You’ve learned the formula for the elevator pitch and created a message that follows this template, but it’s really awkward to say and it has never attracted clients in the past.

When you go to networking events like this where you are asked to recite your pitch in front of everyone, what is painfully obvious is the majority of the elevator pitches sound the same. After 3-4 people stand up and give their pitch, you can’t remember who does what. If the goal of the elevator pitch is to attract clients, you want a pitch that people will remember. You want a clear and compelling message that resonates with your target audience.

You can have a professional sounding elevator pitch that clearly explains who you are, what you do, the name of your company, and how your product or service benefits your clients. However, very often the pitches that use this template fall flat for several reasons. […]

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Career Quilting

As a kid, I operated with a simple career plan:  If I wanted to learn how to do something, I got a job doing that.  That’s how I became a skier…starting as a ski rental technician, becoming a ski patroller, and then a ski instructor.  I got a job at a marina so I could learn sailing and windsurfing.  And I had lots of flexible restaurant jobs which allowed me to eat well while I pursued my adventures.

As a young adult, marriage and motherhood imposed a more complex approach to my career. I had others to consider, and my career decisions impacted my family.  With a deeper sense of responsibility, I chose to become a restaurant manager.  The work was rewarding and the benefits justified the long hours.  But the career came with a steep cost.  I was a mom all day, went to work at 4 pm and didn’t sleep more than a few hours a night for years.  […]

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