Build a Better Flat Rate Price Book

Are you sold on flat rate pricing? (a.k.a. upfront pricing, straight forward pricing or bid pricing.) I hope so. There are lots of reasons why it’s a good idea. The number one reason? Your customers want to know how much it’s going to cost before they agree to the repairs or replacement.  More reasons:  It […]

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Is Your Flat Rate Price Book Setting You Up to FAIL?

Ride Alongs are essential for building relationships with Techs and Customers. I’ve hopped in the truck over one hundred times. The number of times I’ve seen a Service Tech use the Flat Rate Price Book the way you THINK he is supposed to be using it? Zero. Not once have I seen the presentation that […]

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Art Show for the Plumber and the Plumber’s Wife

Hotrod and I had a three hour window at Laguardia Airport, while we waited for our son, Max, and his girlfriend, Jules, to arrive.  We were all heading to a cousin’s wedding in upstate New York.

I was imagining that we would spend the time checking email and playing Words with Friends.  Hotrod, however, lined […]

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Ready to Go Paperless?

You get a tablet!  You get a tablet!  At Zoom, now every team member has a tablet.  On it:  The Operations Manual.  The Price Book.  How To Videos.  Invoicing and Payment Collection.  The Top Projects Lists and updates.  The Scorecards.  Testimonials and Job Evidence Manuals.  Access to the internet, videos, Google apps, email, texting…whatever they need to solve problems and serve customers. […]

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Is Your Business Planted in Abundance or Poverty?

Consider that only one watermelon seed is required to propagate the watermelon family.

However because stuff happens, I planted 6 watermelon seeds. Two seeds produced plants strong enough to bear fruit. And each of the dozen watermelons is full of hundreds of seeds because even God knows that stuff happens. The universe is designed with abundance. There is plenty to go around and enough for all. Not every plant or every idea bears fruit, but there are plenty of other things to eat and dream. […]

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