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“Create a Flat Rate Price Book that Won’t Collect Dust”

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DATE: October 28, 2014

TIME: 12:00 PM CT

Join Ellen for the upcoming workshop: Create a Flat Rate Price Book That Won’t Collect Dust. She’ll share real world examples of winning pricebooks and methods.  And, you can ask your questions in real time during the Online Business Workshop. Sign up for only $19.95 and you’ll get…

  • The Live Interactive Workshop and Recording.
  • Downloadable forms to help you creating a workable price book.
  • Bonus Q&A with Ellen!

Let’s Talk About Price, Baby!

Are you winging it when you comes to your selling prices? My Online Workshop will focus on how to create selling prices and present them to customers!

Perhaps you make up prices on the spot and hope that neighbors aren’t comparing notes. How about your Service Techs?  Even if the Service Call is going really nicely, it can all fall apart when the Tech presents options and prices. Ugh. The awkward presentation. The stony silence. The verbal diarrhea that follows as a Tech tries to dig out.  You know those Price Books you have spent so much time and money on? They rarely get used! I’ll share WHY – there are some good reasons! – and lots more at our next Online Business Workshop. You can ask questions and I’ll answer them as we go in this powerful, LIVE, interactive event.

You’ll discover…

  • How to Create a Profitable Selling Price. Your Budget can help. I’ll make it really easy to get it done and your prices updated.
  • How to Empower your Techs to Price and Present Properly. You don’t have to micromanage every Service Call.
  • How to create a Price Book from scratch, or customize an “off the shelf” Price Book and make it your own (and really good!) I’ll share tips that can help you make the most of the systems you are currently using.
  • Paper? Binders? Tablets? We’ll discuss how to present prices and get to YES with any format. (I’ll share my favorite and some nice examples, too!)
  • Sweet Spot Jobs. Pick projects where your prices aren’t an issue and you can bank on BIG profits. The Pricing “Duel” Worksheet drives it home.
  • A way to price Jobs and Tasks on the fly…when the price isn’t in the book. Used CAREFULLY, the Pricing Grid can be a lifesaver.

Pay only $19.95 for…

  • The Live Interactive Workshop and Recording.
  • Sample Salary Levels
  • Downloadable, customizable Scorecards…
    • For Service Techs
    • For Installers
    • For Salespeople
  • Sample Bonus Procedure.
  • Bonus Q & A session with Ellen.

The live presentation allows you to participate, engage in the Q & A, and we will be recording the program.   The recording helps reinforce the key points and you can watch again and again at your convenience. (If you cannot attend the live presentation, we’ll send you the link to download all the forms and the Workshop recording.)

“I learned so much from your last Online Workshop and I could really for the first time calculate the cost of doing business on an hourly basis. Great tools! A MILLION THANKS AGAIN!!!”

Dan & Sylvie Traub

Four Seasons, Inc.