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“Let’s Get Fiscal! Year End Accounting Wrap Up”

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DATE: December 17, 2014

TIME: 12:00 PM CT

Join Ellen for the upcoming workshop: Let’s Get Fiscal! Year End Accounting Wrap Up. She’ll share real world procedures for getting your end of year accounting in order.  And, you can ask your questions in real time during the Online Business Workshop. Sign up for only $19.95 and you’ll get…

  • The Live Interactive Workshop and Recording.
  • Downloadable forms to help you wrap up the year.
  • Bonus Q&A with Ellen!

Is Your Accounting Ready for Uncle Sam?

Wrap up 2014 and submit your tax return with no extension, no drama and no surprises!  Set up 2015 as your best year yet!

The end of the year doesn’t have to be an accounting nightmare.  I will coach you through wrapping up 2014.  I’ll demonstrate customizable checklists for you and your team to use to make sure I’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.  Work with me in real time and we will move you to KFP – a Known Financial Position.  Even if you have great accounting systems, you can fall off the wagon.  Time to tidy up the books.  And, if you have never had financial systems, you will after this workshop!  Let’s start 2015 with more time and more money!

You’ll discover how to…

  • Get caught up…fast.  I’ve got shortcuts that will help you get current and accurate financial data by the end of this year.  No more wasted time and energy wallowing in the past.
  • I’ll help you assess your team.  Be prepared:  YOU are usually the biggest problem!
  • Streamline your Chart of Accounts.  Accounting tends to…drift.  The Chart of Accounts expands.  Let’s drill down on the few numbers and accounts that make all the difference and trim out the time wasters.
  • Use the Year End Accounting Checklist.  This cool tool will literally put you and your “Bean Team” on the same page.  Make good use of time and keep the communication smooth by using my customizable checklist to nail down what’s been done and what still needs attention.
  • Commit to Budgeting.  It’s a discipline.  I’ve got great ideas for making it a habit and reaping the benefits!
  • Switch to a Payroll Service.  Payroll is a sticky-wicket and you better not blow it.  I’ll share tips for making sure the IRS is cool with your approach, and how to get it rockin’ right.
  • Fix weird stuff on your financials.  Over the years, I have developed some simple techniques for finding and fixing goofy entries.  Do you have one from 2008 that you don’t know how to get rid of?  Bring your questions to the party and we will work in real time!
  • BONUS!  Bring your “Bean Team” to the call so you can work together, and expand your financial expertise!

Pay only $19.95 for…

  • The Live Interactive Workshop and Recording.
  • Downloadable, customizable forms and instructions…
    • The Year End Checklist
    • The Month End Checklist
    • Record Keeping Spreadsheet
    • The Payroll Journal Entries – samples
    • “How To Shop for a CPA” – Special Report
    • “Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks” – Special Report
  • Bonus Q & A session with Ellen.

The live presentation allows you to participate, engage in the Q & A, and we will be recording the program.   The recording helps reinforce the key points and you can watch again and again at your convenience. (If you cannot attend the live presentation, we’ll send you the link to download all the forms and the Workshop recording.)


“We have and have found all of Ellen’s workshops to be a great help! There is always one, usually more, points that we take away and use to help in our growth and development.   The Online Workshops are there for help, guidance, and motivation all rolled up and ready to go!”

Cathy Smithmeyer
Earl Smithmyer Plumbing & Heating, Inc.