College ain’t all it’s cracked up to be…


Ah, the springtime high school grads are off and running. To college or to new jobs. Time to flex those wings, dear ones, and fly in the direction of what you want.

Remember that…

* College is great…but a college degree is NO indication of future success.
* Your current job is but a transition…to the next job or business.
* Success is being, doing and having whatever you want.
* Your success is yours to have…or neglect to have. […]

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How to Build a Business Plan

Most small businesses SUCK. How about yours?

Maybe you started your business with hope in your heart, dreams of freedom and wealth and a commitment to do right by your customers. And maybe your dreams have faded under the weight of too much to do in too little time for too little money.

There are basically two […]

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Three words to close…

Greetings!I was supposed to be on-stage to do a presentation in two hours. I opened my suitcase and – gasp – realized I had left my snazzy outfit hanging on my closet door back home. Yikes! Then, a miracle happened. I looked out of my hotel window…and right across the street […]

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New thoughts, new choices…more money.


While there is plenty of room on this pet bed, I had never seen either Garfield the Cat or Lucky Dog share it before. There was always some territorial hissing and growling until somebody gave it up. So, perhaps it was that the shop was cold, or the hour was late…whatever, both of them decided […]

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Kooky, family business…

Greetings!Do you work with your family? YIKES! Kooky, isn’t it? You might be tempted to bring all the wierd family baggage to work with you every day. A word of advice (from a woman who sold her business so that I didn’t have to work with my husband anymore): Treat family […]

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Help vs. hammer…

Greetings!When I first took the “medicine” from my mentor Frank Blau, I became “born again” in the light of business basics! I wanted to tell everyone…how to read a balance sheet, how to create a real selling price…how to make money!Not everyone wanted to hear it. I put off a lot of people.Today, at 3 […]

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Mountain Climbing 101…

Greetings!Chimney Sweep and Bare Bones Biz Challenger Bob Ferrari is all about setting goals and making things happen. Might as well be successful in your business…because it’s there. This is an impressive achievement. Bob had to be in the here-and-now to make this summit. He had to overcome fear, or at least quiet the naysaying […]

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Dead end job…or limitless opportunity? How about YOUR small business….

quantum leap, n.

Physics. an abrupt transition of a system described by quantum mechanics from one of its discrete states to another, as the fall of an electron in an atom to an orbit of lower energy.
Any sudden and significant change, advance, or increase.

Also called quantum jump.

[Origin: 1925–30]. Unabridged (v 1.1)Based on the Random House […]

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