The Spark to Start

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Michael Gerber – author of The E-Myth – calls it the “Entrepreneurial Seizure.”  It’s that moment when it dawns on you that a business of your own is a great idea. You think about the freedom – financial and lifestyle – that you could enjoy. You start counting the money. You visualize “ringing the bell” at the New York Stock Exchange.

That’s not what happened to me. My husband, Hot Rod the Plumber, had a partner. Sadly, at the age of 33, his partner died. He died from a stress-induced health crisis, after working a 100-hour workweek. Sigh. It took a few months to recover from the loss as this fellow had been his best friend as well as partner. I offered to step in and help my husband. With all my education and experience, I figured it would be a snap to run the family plumbing business. […]

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Can’t We All Get Along?

I just watched the presidential debate.  Here’s what struck me.  There are so many issues about which we could hope for bipartisan cooperation.  Health care.  Gun control.  Environmental protection.  National Security.  But to win the election, it is essential to contrast your plan with the other candidate’s.  Then, when elected, you will find nothing but […]

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Once a Marine, Always a Marine

My son, Max, is a pretty savvy businessman.  He knows what it takes to be successful:  A dream, powerful intention and a solid, yet flexible, plan.  Max has embraced the opportunity to work for a terrific company in Colorado.  (Shout out to Shamrock Sales, Inc.!)  And he is happy to report in on a good business when he discovers one.  Recently, Max visited one of his customer’s shops and called me to brag on them.  Turns out they were customers of mine, too.  Max told me about their recruiting, hiring and training systems.  He shared that they hold themselves and others to high standards and commit to delivering superior service.  Cool!  So, I wrote an email saying, “Good on ya!”

The owner, Tim Parker, emailed right back.  Wow.  He made my day.

If you have the opportunity, hire a vet.  If you are a vet, you are well served to start your own business.  It takes discipline and procedures, coupled with a powerful mission and clear intention, to create a successful business.  You have what it takes.  […]

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The Few Numbers That Make All the Difference

Here’s a simple way to take the pulse of your company by reviewing a one page report:
The Financial Quick Check (right click and save as…)
This powerful report is a weekly summary of the few numbers that make all the difference to the success of your business. Feel free to download and edit this file. Enjoy the benefits of knowing […]

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