Pin It to Win It

Have you been to Pinterest? If so, odds are you spent a lot of time there, compulsively looking at just-one-more page of beautiful images. If not, ask a few people in your life about Pinterest. You’ll get some animated responses, particularly from women, as they talk about their boards and pins and exactly how they [...]

Winning ‘More Than Your Fair Share’ of Publicity and Media Exposure

Each of us, according to the experts, has a measurable intelligence quotient, or IQ.  Our IQs set a benchmark of what we should be able to achieve intellectually in life.  Many of us overachieve, while others under-perform. Like intelligence, each business and professional practice has an inherent publicity quotient, or PQ.  It is a benchmark of the level of publicity your business sho e able to attract from the news media, bloggers and social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. uld bSome people would describe PQ as a company’s innate newsworthiness. Let me illustrate how this applies. […]

Old Fashioned New Media

Once upon a time, the best marketing you could get was one customer chatting with a friend or a colleague over a cup of coffee. It’s called “word of mouth” marketing. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the origin of the term… George Silverman, a mathematician and statistician, pioneered word-of-mouth marketing when he created what he called “teleconferenced peer influence groups” in order to engage physicians in dialogue about new pharmaceutical products. Silverman noticed an interesting phenomenon while conducting focus groups with physicians in the early 1970s. “One or two physicians who were having good experiences with a drug would sway an entire group of skeptics. They would even sway a dissatisfied group of ex-prescribers who had had negative experiences!” Businesses and empires have been built on that kind marketing. The problem was that it took too long. So, mass media emerged and we leapt on the radio, TV, billboard, postcard mailing bandwagons. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and it all gets pretty pricey. […]