Lips, ships…and Christina Norman of OWN…


Flying home from a FAB family vacation, I was seated next to my adorable nephew, Jackson. He tuned to me to share a video game moment and came eyeball close to my mouth.

“What happened to your lips,” he gasped. “It looks like they have little cuts on them. Deep cuts, all around them!”

Humiliated, I replied, “Jack, honey, those are just wrinkles.”

“No,” he countered, certain I was unaware of the severity of the situation, “They look like they are bleeding!” […]

How sexy are obsolete electronic components?

My friend, Dawn Gluskin, has a decidedly un-sexy business. She finds and sells obsolete, long lead time and hard to find electronic components. She found a need and went about filling it, in a simple, no nonsense way.

2010 marks her second year in business. She just passed the $1Million in Sales YTD […]