A Whole New Way of Thinking?

The problem with thinking is that you are not doing anything.  In our world, doing is deemed better than thinking.  I think…we do too much thoughtlessly.  I think we should think more.  Then, we can do less and gain more. I decided to start 2014 with new and challenging conversations.  I invited the brightest folks I know to share their advice to help us make quantum leap changes in our businesses.  Business Makeover 2014 was born.  I knew I would benefit from these conversations.  I hope that you are, too!  I expected a biz tip or two.  What I DIDN’T expect was […]

Yes I Can!

I just love sharing great customer service experiences.  Here’s one that has stuck with me. I was staying at a Radisson Hotel.  Overall, the hotel facilities were lovely.  However, it was the people who made me pay attention, and one person in particular.  The employees were Midwestern friendly.  Whenever I was in the elevator with a hotel employee, he or she always held the door open for me, and insisted that I exit first.  A small, polite gesture.  I took note of how accommodating and kind the employees were…from the bellman to the front desk clerk to the young lady who delivered my room service coffee.  Very nice. […]

Old Fashioned New Media

Once upon a time, the best marketing you could get was one customer chatting with a friend or a colleague over a cup of coffee. It’s called “word of mouth” marketing. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the origin of the term… George Silverman, a mathematician and statistician, pioneered word-of-mouth marketing when he created what he called “teleconferenced peer influence groups” in order to engage physicians in dialogue about new pharmaceutical products. Silverman noticed an interesting phenomenon while conducting focus groups with physicians in the early 1970s. “One or two physicians who were having good experiences with a drug would sway an entire group of skeptics. They would even sway a dissatisfied group of ex-prescribers who had had negative experiences!” Businesses and empires have been built on that kind marketing. The problem was that it took too long. So, mass media emerged and we leapt on the radio, TV, billboard, postcard mailing bandwagons. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and it all gets pretty pricey. […]