The Few Things That Make All the Difference.

At Bare Bones Biz, we focus on business basics, the few things that will make all the difference to your success and profitability. Here’s a list of simple business tips gleaned from the smartest business people I know. I spend much of each day on the phone, talking business. On the seminar trail and onsite with clients, I meet lots of folks who love to tell me what works for them…and what NOT to do. I’d love to share this wisdom with you. So here is a collection of Do’s and Don’t’s for every area of your business.

DO read this list. DON’T neglect to do things that will make you more money! […]

Biz Planning is not Dieting…


Ugh…dieting. No one wants to diet. Even the word has the word DIE in it! Dieting means deprevation, starvation and no fun.

Do you think of Biz Planning that way? “Oh, I HAVE to get a business plan together. Ugh.”

Instead of dieting, consider eating well and thoughtfully and joyously. You’ll probably lighten up in body and soul. […]

You get to decide how much is enough…


It seems odd that so many people get their underwear in a bunch about proposed tax increases for the top 2% of all US Citizens. Hmmm. I suppose there is this idea that at some point we could all be part of that 2%. Aside from the problematic math, the core issue is…

When is enough enough? Who decides? If you were to think about what you really really want, you may not want a multi-billion $ net worth. That would be an awesome responsibility. What is enough for you? Maybe you are closer than you have given yourself credit for. […]

It’s easier going the other way…


You go to the local meet-and-greet of business owners. Everyone is complaining about how hard business is because of…

* the economy
* a family member __________ (name)
* cheap customers
* rotten employees

Sigh. Let them run against the wind. What if you turned around and went the other way. Just because if what they are doing is so hard, the other way might be easier. More profitable. So often, it is. […]

College ain’t all it’s cracked up to be…


Ah, the springtime high school grads are off and running. To college or to new jobs. Time to flex those wings, dear ones, and fly in the direction of what you want.

Remember that…

* College is great…but a college degree is NO indication of future success.
* Your current job is but a transition…to the next job or business.
* Success is being, doing and having whatever you want.
* Your success is yours to have…or neglect to have. […]