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Are you encouraging texting and driving?

Here’s a pic of me and Jerod, elbow deep in a furnace.  Jerod is everything you look for in a technician…nice, polite, skilled, ethical and ambitious.  He deeply cares about his customers and fellow team members.  Jerod just graduated from … Continue reading

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Circulate Among the Troops – The Ride Along

What can you learn by Riding Along? You don’t even have to do the Undercover part. Just GO. Hop in the truck (or the assembly line or the phone bank) and say, “Show me what you do. I am here to learn.” One of … Continue reading

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Tracking Contractor Jobs

Contractors are notorious for shortchanging themselves. They often don’t charge enough per hour. Or, put enough hours in the Job. How about you? Do you know if your prices are right? Do you know if you are properly bidding your … Continue reading

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